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What is it?

The Claredale Product Data Feed is essentially access to every product that Claredale stocks. This access gives you stock information, stock levels and pricing. It also includes exclusive access to Claredale’s Drop Shipping Service which is only available to those customers on a Claredale Data Feed. For more information about the Data Feed, visit here.

This is the best method to ensure that your product information is kept up to date on your website and/or your point of sales system. If you do not have a website, Claredale has a couple of options for you to choose from to get your business online and selling fast. Ranging from a Customized Claredale Website to a Claredale Shopify Solution, to meet your every needs.

Adult Product Data Feed

How does it work?

Access to the Claredale Product Data Feed is easy to set up.

  1. Simply click on the “Manage” account button to the right, then select “Manage Data Feed”.
  2. Fill out your details
  3. Next, filter your Manufacturers/Brands & Categories/Sub-Categories
  4. Once finalized, you will have access to 4 files, CSV, XML, XML (Legacy) and JSON.
  5. Choose the file that your system will utilize and you’re done*.

* Actual implementation of the file may require extra steps depending on the system you are implementing in to.

What is the benefits of it and why does my business need it?


Having access to Claredale’s complete range enables you to focus on your business needs and not your inventory.

  • Implementation into your website with frequent updates saves you money in:
    • Time chasing up for a particular item, that may or may not be stocked anymore
    • Loss of profit advertising inventory at wrong/old prices
    • Displaying only inventory that is in stock
    • Completing product information including descriptions and images
    • With some tweeking, your website could automatically email Claredale’s Drop Shipping team with orders creating a hands off approach to running your website.
    • Not having to hire someone to do all of the above
  • Implementation into your point of sales system can improve your purchasing ability and potential sales:
    • Run quick searches of stocks for a customer who’s looking for a product your aren’t stocking
    • Update your pricing with clicks of a button
    • Re-Ordering stock is simple if you have Claredale’s entire inventory in your systems.
    • Have the most up to date product information including new products that Claredale are selling.

You can find significant savings in the above from simply implementing one systems from Claredale Distributors.

Adult Product Data Feed

Ok, so how much?

The Claredale Data Feed gives you unlimited access whenever you want, at only $99 per month. This includes exclusive access to Claredale’s Drop Shipping Service.

eBay Integration

We've got your covered, we can integrate your store with eBay to increase your sales.

Your eBay inventory and orders will be synced back to your website. So all inventory and orders can be managed in one place.